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P.R. Narvekar (1950-2021)

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PR Narvekar's repertoire exhibits a profound palette of hues. Full of depth and emotion his paintings speak far more of life than one can comprehend. The monochrome adds to the incandescent imagery. Seemingly simple subjects rendered in expressive strokes bring out the enormity of emotions in his work. The stark contrast of colours reflects the stark nature of the living world.

In order to discover, one has to seek. His ability to look beyond is effectively echoed in his work. Possessing a deep understanding of the essence of objects in this world, he does not merely stop at visual appearances. Culture, as well as the emotional and environmental beauty, is deeply rooted in his art. Somber and thought provoking, his oeuvre leaves behind a sense of reality.

Figurative in style, his pictorial philosophy is expressed through covering his canvas with thin paint. His paintings are characterised by elongated figures, which form his signature style. Rendered mostly in oils, one finds assurance in his lines and shading. The brilliant juxtaposition of monochrome with his ability to play with spaces evokes a sense of deep serenity. The mood is rather pensive. His experiments with mixed media further reinforce his philosophy.

Mr. Pandharinath Narvekar secured diploma in Fine Arts from Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai with distinction. He paints in various media and does sculptures and murals. He has won Gold Medal for his work from Sir J. J. School of Arts.