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Dhananjay Mukherjee

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Dhananjay was born in 1964, in the terracotta town of Bishnupur, near Kolkata. (the district of Jamini Roy & Ramkinkar Baij, W. Bengal) Having inherited an artistic tradition, he started his art life at the tender age of eight. Working with Jamini Roy's Kalighat pot paintings on terracotta horses, Elephants etc, he created Human figures, animal figures in the style of pot paintings. Once he completed schooling, he decided on a career in art and did a one-year Certificate Course at La-Martiniere SEOMP Sociaty in Commercial Art, Exhibition Display & Interior Decoration. Meanwhile, he also started his graduation studies from Calcutta University. He started his art career in the year 1981 with a aim to become a complete Indian contemporary Artist. He completed his art education from Rabindra Bharti University (Indian Collage of Arts & Draftsmanship) Calcutta in 1988. He participated in more than above 65 shows in India & Abroad.