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Dewashish Das

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A culture that lay hidden in the thick forests of North Bengal, an identity that has been lost in the concrete jungles of modern civilisation and a lifestyle that is elegant yet simple - what happens when you form a blend of all the three statements?

You get a glimpse into the world of tribals - a world of unspoilt charm, of pristine beauty, of emotions, dreams, hopes and aspirations. This is what Dewashish Das has tried to capture in his canvas.

Born in Purnea, North Bihar and educated in Darbhanga, Dewashish has spent a better part of his life amongst tribals. Having imbibed their ways, he has tried to capture their lifestyle into his art.

Simple details like caste marks, necklaces, peacock feathers, animals and vivid colours like red, green, yellow, blue and white are the trademarks of his paintings.

Dewashish's love for art began while he was in junior school. After passing out of school, he joined the Purnea Art College in Bihar. Later he shifted to Kolkata and joined the Rabindra Bharati University. Before joining Rabindra Bharati University though, Dewashish had worked with Shri Sukumay Mitra, an eminent artist from Shantiniketan and student of Nandalal Basu.

He has part.icipated in many regional, national and international exhibitions. "Painting tribals gives me immense pleasure. This country has a rich tribal culture and heritage. It has to be preserved before its lost forever", says Dewashish.