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Bharti Prajapati

Profile | Artwork

Bharti Prajapati studied Textile Design at the Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, and also at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad.

The people of Kutch, with their ethnic style and strong cultural roots have had a deep impact on Prajapati. The people and their vibrant lifestyle; the contrasts of the dry arid landscape with the vivid hues of the textiles inspired Prajapati to explore a wider canvas for her expressions. Her desire to translate her experience drew her towards painting

Her canvases revel in bright colors and stark expanses of space. The sparse landscape and the open skies find a perfect balance in the compositions of Pajapati's canvases. The daily of the people is exalted, celebrating their precarious relationship with nature. The artists training as a textile designer helps her enhance the detailing of her canvases simultaneously composing the larger picture. A contrast of detail and flat expanses creates a harmonious blend.

Prajapati has had several exhibitions of her work in India and abroad. She lives and works in Ahmedabad.