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Sayam Bharath Yadav

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Born in 1977 in Hyderabad, Sayam Bharat Yadav studied painting at Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts of Osmania University there, acquiring his Bachelorís degree in 2002. He followed this up with a Masterís degree with a specialization in painting and printmaking from the S.N. School of Fine Arts Performing Arts and Communications at the Central University of Hyderabad, in 2004.

Usually working in a monochromatic palette, Yadav is engaged with the image of the bull. In traditional mythology the bull is a symbol of power and of unparalleled strength. In his works, Yadav attempts to transfer this strength to his canvases. Most of his depictions are savage, and there rarely is a moment of calm. Veering towards abstraction, yet very rooted in the figurative, Yadavís art is a grim reminder of symbolism, strength and power.

Yadavís first solo show was titled 'Pastoral Inspiration' and held at Hyderabad Art Gallery, Hyderabad, in 2008. His work has been a part of group shows at Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2009; and have been included in 'Papernspires' at Suruchi Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2008; 'Colours of Hyderabad' at Kanvas Art Gallery, Kolkata, in 2008; 'Rendezvous Hyderabad' at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, in 2008; 'Art Diverse' at Karma Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, in 2007; and 'From the Studio' at Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad, in 2007.

Among his awards and honours are the award Yadav won at the State Level Exhibition from the Andhra Pradesh State Culture Council in 2003, and a Gold Medal for 'Young Talents of India' that he won at the All India Exhibition of Art and Literature, Hyderabad, in 1993.