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Pradeepsingh Bais

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In my paintings, I Express my thoughts and feelings which is related between me and my society. And I always tried to do my paintings in a creative that is with my own creation, In my works by applying colours overlapping layer by layer, giving good composition with texture and forms in my own style. You can also observe aesthetics and beauty in my paintings, and I frequently used strong colours that shows either I am in a bad temper nor in a depressed way, to over come from that sad and lonely feelings, I regain my childhood and sweet memories of my college days and again I involve in my works.

Every one can observe my paintings no only in a creative and compositive way but also maintaining time and space. When I am using light colours that shows I am in a rejoice mood, from my childhood I was much attached by my surrounding, as I am growing the impact of the society was growing stronger in my mind. The Impact of the society can keenly observe in my paintings.

I must take a strong decision regarding my works in this present society, through my paintings which will help me and my society that is my next step to reach my goal.