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Jaspal Singh


Born Born In Jorhat, Assam Education

• BA, Dibrugarh University, Assam
• Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.VA) Govt. College of Art and Craft, Calcutta

Solo Shows

• 1997 At Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai.
• 1997 At Triveni Art Gallery, Delhi.
• 1995 At Triveni Art Gallery, Delhi.
• 1995 At Birla Academy, Calcutta.
• 1995 At Summer Show at Art Heritage, Delhi.
• 1994 At Birla Academy, Calcutta.
• 1994 At Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.
• 1989 At Tagore Art Gallery, Calcutta. The New Generation Birla Acadamy, Calcutta.

Group Shows

• 2005 'Two Painters' at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
• 2004 CitiBank, Gurgaon, Delhi.
• 2004 Rabindra Bhawan LKA Delhi.
• 2004 Group Show presented by 'Reflections Art' in London (Contemporary Indian Masters and Acclaimed Artists).
• 2004 Utsa' Group Show at Akar Prakar, Calcutta. Art Folio, Chandigarh.
• 2003 'A Journey', Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
• 2003 Gallery Chemould, Calcutta.
• 2003 'Utsa' Rabindra Bhawan LKA, New Delhi.
• 2003 Arts Acre's Annual show - Academy of fine Arts Calcutta.
• 2003 'Utsa' at Academy of Fine Arts ,Calcutta.
• 2003 All India Show presented by Indian Chamber of Commerce at Hotel Ashok, Delhi.
• 2003 'Illumination' at gallery 'ldiyas' Calcutta.
• 2002 'Landscape' Gallery Chemould, Calcutta.
• 2002 Ashutosh Centenary Hall, Calcutta.
• 2001 'Parampara' Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
• 2001 'Icon' Chemould Art Gallery, Calcutta.
• 2001 Two painters, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.
• 2000 Academy of Fine Arts Calcutta.
• 2000 Apparao Gallery, Chennai.
• 1999 "Colours of Century from Bengal", Artists' Centre, Mumbai.
• 1999 'Looking through the Decade' Rabindra Bhawan, Delhi.
• 1998 Group Show presented by Impressario, in Singapore.
• 1996 'Changing Vision' Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
• 1996 Son-et-Lumiere Gallery, Mumbai.
• 1996 'Water Colour' Village Art Gallery, Delhi.
• 1995 In search of Time and Identity, Rabindra Bhawan, Delhi.
• 1994 Balgandharva Gallery Pune.
• 1993 National Exhibition of Art L.KA
• 1992 'Pioneers to the New Generation' Arts Acre Gallery Calcutta.
• 1992 'The New Generation' Jehangir Art Gallery. Birla Academy Annual Calcutta.
• 1992 'Dream and Reality' exhibition of serigraphs, Birla Academy.
• 1991 Greenwich Citizen Gallery and Ipswich Art Gallery UK.
• 1991 'The New Generation' at Birla Academy, Calcutta and Rabindra Bhawan, LKA, Delhi.
• 1991 'Five Painters', Asian Art show at Strathmore Hall, Maryland USA. District of Columbia Art Centre, Washington DC.
• 1991 The Gallery, Chennai. Chemould Art Gallery, Calcutta.
• 1991 'Brushstrokes from Bengal' presented by Art Age in Mumbai.
• 1991 Poster Exhibition, Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta.
• 1990 'Ten Painters', Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
• 1990 'The New Generation' Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. Batra Art Gallery, Delhi.
• 1990 Terracotta Ganapati, Chemould Art Gallery Calcutta.
• 1988 Arts Acre's group show, Calcutta, Delhi and Mumbai.
• 1987 Arts Acre's Inaugural Show, Calcutta. Group Show, Stockholm. Annual exhibition of Birla Academy Calcutta.

Honor Awards

• Participated Workshop
• ---------------------
• 2002 Seminar & workshop on 'Conservation of Art Work on paper and oil paintings' conducted by Ms.Christine Mackey, Sr.Conservator, National Museum of Wales. Trustee, Arts Acre, Calcutta.
• 1997 'Indo-Bangladesh painting workshop' organised by Nandanik in Calcutta.
• 1997 'Utopia' an installation workshop conducted by German artist Tina Schwichtenberg organised by Max Mueller Bhawan, Calcutta.
• 1992 "Calcutta Dresden artists' workshop" conducted by Eberhard Goeshel, Max Uhlig and Michael Freudenbarg Organised by Max Mueller Bhawan, Calcutta.
• 1992 "Collage workshop" conducted by French artist Paola Di Prima organised by Alliance Francaise de Calcutta.
• 1991 Painting workshop organised by Art Interaction, in Washington DC, U.S.A.
• 1991 'Woodcut workshop' organised by USIS conducted by Richard Hards, printer at Tandem press, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
• 1986 'Assemblage' workshop on found objects, conducted by Ivan Koschminder at Max Mueller Bhawan, Calcutta.