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Pradip Sengupta

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Pradip Sengupta's love for bright colours is evident in all his works— from electric blue to shocking green to bright orange, his abstracts are given life to through vibrant hues. His works depict autobiographical features of the world as seen through his eyes.  The images are triggered by his reactions to the happenings in the society.

My paintings are the images of the world - as seen by my eyes. My experiences as the man of this society compel me to develop a visual language which talks about my reactions at various situations. My experiences, sometimes as a passive onlooker and sometimes as an active participant, constitute the subject of my paintings. My journey from a small town in Bengal to the artistic atmosphere of Santiniketan and then to the busy and crowded life of Delhi, have had a deep impact on my life. All along the path of this journey I got the opportunity to experience life at different levels – the atmosphere changed with time and space…but emotions and experiences of a common man like me-the aspiration, struggles and achievements, the protest, grievances, damages all remain unchanged… The images of this life as shown by me are at times very symbolic. It may appear imaginative or random fantasy, but they hold their roots in the real world.