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Madhuri Bhaduri

Profile | Artwork

Born on the 8th of June 1958, Madhuri Bhaduri has been a successful artist for the past four decades, exhibiting her works since 1986 in all major cities in India and Abroad. Madhuri has obtained her Master of Art and Painting from S.N.D.T women’s University, Mumbai.

Madhuri’s art works have gradually veered from the figurative to the abstractionist mode. As her inner being matured so did the way she expressed her thought process and feeling on canvas. Each new series exploring the various planes of emotional experiences in a dialogue of brush and paint that is warm, vivid, sensual and completely resounding with the message of her inner spirit where there is spontaneity, hope, joy and fulfillment. In 2002 this multi-dimensional artist took to sculpting and creating “assemblages” using metal scraps, in an endeavor to understand and realize more completely what form and shape are all about, savoring the possibilities of the expression as sculpture.

Madhuri Bhaduri’s art works have featured in thirty-eight solo shows and more than seventy-six group shows in India and abroad. She has received several prestigious awards during her art journey including the latest being felicitated by the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) at The Hague, Netherlands for “Exceptional Woman of Excellence” in Art (2018) and lead three panel discussions on empowering leadership and inspiring influence on women empowerment on the occasion of International Women’s Day.