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Banaras Ghat
Aspirational Ride
Rolls Royce on Kodak 2
Puppet Series
Puppet Series
Puppet Series
Puppet Series

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Our journey in promoting Indian art began in 2004 when we started our online internet gallery under the banner of SUCHITRRA ARTS, based in Mumbai, India. We have always strived to bring the young and talented to the spotlight. Our collections use transformative art that can influence the being within from some gifted artists that include vivid Indian paintings, moulded sculptures, and different forms of abstract art, photographs and prints. We promote distinguished Indian artists who dedicate their lives in Indian contemporary art. Since our inception in 2002, we have marched confidently towards our goal and very recently have succeeded to introduce our handpicked collection under the brand name of MORPICHH ART in Houston, Texas. Following the footprints of Sir Premnath, our founder, we believe in serving not just the savvy few but also the common gentry who don't mind taking some time out from their daily chores to appreciate art around them.