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Madhu Sharma

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"Madhu Sharma and A K Sharma make up a spiritually entwined art team. This entwinement can be read in their oils on canvas. The Indore based couple appear to draw sustenance from the culture-rich soil of middle India. Perhaps, like Kalidasa, their creative being prospers on the strains and vibrations of distilled eros. Like a peepal or banyan trees separating branches, so too does their genre form unions. The point of departure being the point of return.

In certain of Madhu Sharma's works we see such vegetal or organic human tree like forms. Transmutation it is, I mean an imaginative one.

A K Sharma's 'Blue Magic's with their collage cut-out like paper boats too bank on duos, and which by treatment, become duets of colorful gestures, between maidens as well as the musing young. The world of both artists has in its vision, the animating spirit of a life-bearing eve. It is benign not malignant as the public spaces are, of these break-neck times.

The gestures and postures of these painters, thus are feminine as still other images are in keeping with a good bit of the earlier ethos of this culture. And perhaps indeed they even go as far back in spirit as those of the images observed in the Ajanta caves. The temperament of the works is mellow, as if to harmonize opposites.

The works are of sensuous rejoicing and of mutuality. The manner may well have been teetered into sentimentalism, but the two tide over the eventuality. Implicit in their works is the possibility of passion graduating to compassion, the expression of tenderness for all life. Problem is how sheer creaturely instinct may be alchemized into the unselfish love for all living beings without exception ?

So Sharma's genre is at the very epicentre, from where it all beings. Ah a kindly eye ! If in these works we observe the curving downy shadows of cool graceful bodies, they imply love that loosens our defensiveness.

These artists are venturing into the exciting labyrinth of the self as theirs is much more than a sensous dalliance."