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Dattatraya Thombare

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Born in Pune, he completed his studies at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune and further did his Diploma in Art Education course from Sir J.J. School of Art ,Mumbai. He is a recipient of various awards included the Maharashtra State Award, Bombay Art Society Award, prize at the South Central Zone, Nagpur. He has also participated in various exhibitions organized by State Art Society (Maharashtra), AIFACS (New Delhi), Chatak Show, Nehru Center Mumbai and The Art Society of India, Art Access - VI. He has also had a solo show at Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai.

His paintings basically deal with nature, its realization and human mind. All these three elements combine reflects the essence of his works. He composes abstract forms and realistic images such that the resultant images can't be categorized figurative but merely representational of the idea, emotion or form. It's a fusion of representation and non-representational concepts. He likes to use figures in a multi-dimensional background, which adds mysterious depth to his works.

The artist quotes " While depicting the world beyond reality it just doesn't become a mere play of imagination. Believing in the facts I comprise the world I experience onto my canvas. I try to express variety of experiences through the combination of mundane affairs, nature and society. The nature of my painting is trinity that is morphing of reality, realization and the mind."

The artist currently teaches in an art college in Mumbai.