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Nitin Nangare

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Nitin Nangare graduated top of the class in art in 1990 and proceeded to show his work in group as well as solo shows in India and abroad. He has been awarded the Bombay Art Society award as well as The Art Society of India award among many others.

Markedly elongated figures, all of women in long, flowing skirts and creamy white veils, their faces sometimes covered with only the eyes looking out, animate Nitin Nangare's exhibition of paintings today. Women standing tall, sharing moments of ease and togetherness, women with pots on their heads, sometimes with their children - all the world that Nitin has painted is exclusively a woman's world.

These are tribal women, whom Nitin captures on his canvasses after their day's work is done. The sky is aglow with the brilliance of the setting sun. The beauty of the scene is heightened by the simplification in Nitin's style. The women do not look exhausted. Even after the day's work, they stand erect as they relax and share news.

Their pots symbolize the water of life, and Nitin paints them as they harbours of life indomitable and everlasting.

- Gitanjail Rao.