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Ram Thorat

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Ram Thorat has had over two decades of experience in advertising. An accomplished art director and illustrator with some of the biggest names in the business, he's finally parted ways with his passion of many years and yielded to his first love; of colour and canvas.

He is of the opinion that his work today is a by-product of years of nurturing his inner self in the shadows of masters. The transmutation of lead to gold by the philosopher's stone is the kind of analogy he would give to his journey as a painter; from one who is enamoured by masters, to one who is able to create some of his own. And the journey has just begun.

A disciple of Mr. Pant Jambhalikar, he is deeply influenced by the work of Mr. Thota Vaikuntham, Mr. Kalyan Shete and many friends who are way to many to name here. He does not attribute his work as inspired by any other than life in itself, its unpredictable ebbs and tides and the vagaries of its scope.

His Work
'Live and let live' is the very essence that embodies every constituent facet of nature. Gautam Buddha, selflessly extolled these virtues by bringing them to the grasp and understanding of the common man. This brings out a sort of 'attainable purity' to the notion that underlies the scope and expanse of all his teachings.

It is these teachings that Ram has sought to bring forth in his depictions of Gautam Buddha. Through the use of tonality of Aurum that covers the expanse of both dark and light, it is very evident that the essence that seeks to manifest not only the flavour of 'the purity of thought' but also a taste that connects you to the age that was; 'the age of enlightenment'.

Ram urges you not to be influenced by what you see simply based on the western glorification of eastern cultures. He would rather, that you see this as an expression of his own being that attempts to portray a phenomenon that defies representation, surpasses all praise and only warrants understanding.