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Pradeep Verma

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Pradeep Verma was trained at the Rajasthan College of Arts, Jaipur. He graduated in 1984. In his words "I feel since many years that there is something beside my heart. Buddha the enlightenment one lived a life of austerity... this realization has made me discover my existence to the path of meditation, and hope my artworks soothe the mind and help you discover the gentle state of inner peace.

On his series on Buddham the artist says .... "
I am the owner of my karma
I inherit my karma
I am born of my karma
I am related to my karma
I live supported by my karma

Namo buddham sharanam gacchami. Namo dharmam sharanam gacchami. Namo sangham sharanam gacchami.

All Buddhists say this, each in his own language. Namo means "I bow", meaning by bowing to express trust and faith and respect, to throw yourself on the mercy of another. Buddham is "to the Buddha." Sharanam means "refuge," a safe place of renewal, a resort. Gacchami means "I go."

So, "I bow to Buddha and resort to him as refuge." A shramana is "one who goes to refuge" from suffering. We sometimes translate it as "ascetic." But I like to translate it as "vacationer," one who goes away and takes a break. Dharmam sharanam gacchami, "I take refuge in reality." I go there for a refuge. Sangham sharanam gacchami, "I take refuge in the community." I go there to join those friends who are taking a break.

Artist, Pardeep Verma says...

I feel since many years that there is something beside my heart. All my art work are inspired by spirituality and I hope that they find space in peoples inner healing spaces. When I was ill for several months, I introspected a great deal and realized that had I not struggled and lived the life I have lived, I would never reach where I am and be what I am.

Buddha the enlightened one lived a life of austerity, renouncing all worldly possessions. The irony is that this made his presence add that auspicious pride, prosperity and tranquility to my space.

This realization has made me grateful that I have discovered my existence and to the path of meditation. It is this route that has given me freedom and inner tranquility and healed the severe the problems I was suffering from.

I have mentioned only a fraction of my experience. My life is the origin of suffering and I am thankful to have experienced these suffering as they helped me to recognize inner self.

Before I am painting Buddham, I first a very special serene place inside myself and then paint my inner feelings with sense of total timelessness.

I hope my artworks soothe the mind and help you discover the gentle state of inner peace.

I am grateful to my parents who gave me this beautiful life and to my family who gives me the right environment. I am also grateful to everyone I have met in my life and to the existence because I am here and my journey is still going on.

I think all of us are born as Buddham but life cycles make us a common man. We should explore new avenues and be Buddha again. May our life be filled with love and happiness. "