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Nilesh Pawar

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Nilesh Pawar - An artist in his element....

Explorations into both subject and medium seems to be an ongoing process in Nilesh's journey as an artist.

From conventional, yet alluringly sensitive still lifes.... to stylised figure
based symbolic composition.... to his recent series on the 5 Elements of nature....

Nilesh explores the significance of the five elements of nature and their
relationship with man and also between the elements themselves. Colour controls the presence of emotion that is attached to every elements -The
Fiery, warm reds of fire and the sublime blues of Water and Wind.

Form and colour is expressed through a conscious effort to create a
'meaningfully designed' visual.

A smooth rendering in spray technique, specially selected by Nilesh for
this series is the 'Key' that bring about Harmony.... the harmony with which the elements prevail in their surrounding. Elements have been given a half toned effect like the earth or the symbolic spear.... it adds a fantasy feel to the subject.

The depth in his painting is a reflection of the artist's own character. Nilesh
has always striven to communicate the underlying content of his thoughts through his works.

- Ranjana Dani