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Ved Nayar


Born 1933 in Lyallpur, Pakistan Education

• 1957 National Diploma in Fine Arts. College of Art, Delhi.
• 1952 BA., St. Stephen's College, Delhi University.


• 1982 Commendation Certificate for installations, 5th International Triennale, New Delhi.
• 1981 National Award, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.

Group Shows

• 1998 'Unmasking' _a group show of conceptual self - portraits organised by Om Gallery, New Delhi.
• 1998 Artist's camp organised by Alembic Chemicals, Vadodra.
• 1998 'Uttarayan'_ a Sculptor's Camp, Vadodra.
• 1997 Masanori Fukuoka's contemporary Indian Art collection exhibition organised by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Calcutta.
• 1997 Two artists group exhibition at the Gallery 88, Calcutta.
• 1997 `The Looking Glass-Self' a group show at Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai.
• 1997 '50 Years of Indian Independence' - a group show organised by Vadhera Art Gallery at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
• 1997 Two artists exhibition of recent paintings at the Kal Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA, with Gogi Saroj Pal.
• 1997 Major trends in contemporary Indian Art after Independence, the exhibition organised by the Lalit Kala Akademi.
• 1996 Paintings & Installations at Art Today, New Delhi.
• 1995 International Installation Workshop and Exhibition on Art & Ecology, organised by Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.
• 1994 `Paintings in Weaving'-A group show at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi.
• 1993 Group Show of Drawings; Sakshi Art Gallery, Bombay
• 1993 "Wounds" exhibition organised by CIMA at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
• 1993 Group Show organised by CRY at Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi.
• 1993 `More than a decade ago, the Artist's Choice'; a group show organised by the Display Gallery, New Delhi
• 1993 Group exhibition organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda for the cause of Maharashtra earthquake.
• 1993 Contemporary Indian Art , a group exhibition in Yokohama, Japan.
• 1993 Helped to conceptualise, design and edit the book on Contemporary Indian Art published by
• Masanori Fukuoka.
• 1993 Contributed an installation `Mankind 2193 - Despair & Hope of Kalpavriksha' in the 8th Triennale_ India.
• 1993,92 Group Show of sculptures 'Heads' at Sakshi Art Gallery Bombay, Madras and Bangalore
• 1992 Indian Artists in Dhaka
• 1992 The Expressive Line, Art Age presentation, Calcutta
• 1992 `To Encounter others'; An international exhibition of contemporary art at Kassell/Hann Munden, Germany which coincided with Documenta IX_ Contributed an installation `Mankind 2192 - Despair and Hope of Kalpavriksha "
• 1992 Display of installation `Mankind 2192 - Despair and Hope of Kalpavriksha" at Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi
• 1992 Group Show with Gogi Saroj Pal of paintings 'Mankind and Godkind" at Artist Studio Gallery
• 1991 Group show of terracotta sculptures at the Artist Studio Gallery as complimentary activity to the "Colours of the Earth" exhibition organised by the British Council
• 1991 Participated in group show on the `Year of Girl Child' organised by Shruti, the Art Gallery of Maurya Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi
• 1991 Participated in he Group Exhibition and Auction organised by Helpage India at Jehangir Art Gallery and conducted by Asprey, London
• 1991 Group Show Kunsthalle Maine, Maine, Germany
• 1991 Retrospective exhibition of drawings from 1979 to 1989 at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi.
• 1990 Group Show Conceptual Self-portraits, with Gogi Saroj Pal at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
• 1990 Group Show at Kala Yatra, Bangalore
• 1990 Group Show of Self-Portraits, Chemould Art Gallery, Bombay
• 1990 Exhibition of National Award winning works_ Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
• 1990 A Group Exhibition on the occasion of the visit of Nelson Mandela at the Little Theater Group Art Gallery, New Delhi
• 1990 A group show along with Gogi Saroj Pal at the Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
• 1990 Participated in the 9th International Exhibition of Graphic Art at Frenchen, Germany.
• 1989 Exhibition of Contemporary Drawings, CMC Art Gallery, New Delhi
• 1989 Group Show of Artists from Delhi, Sakshi Art Gallery, Madras
• 1989 Group Show of Drawings, Paintings & Sculptures at Village Gallery, New Delhi
• 1989 Group Show of Self -Portraits, Village Gallery, New Delhi
• 1988 `Work on Paper' - a group show of graphic prints of Indian Artists, Frankfurt, Germany
• 1988 Designed Citation Trophy for Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding _presented to Secretary General of United Nations
• 1988 Designed environmental & communication graphics for World Philately Exhibition New Delhi
• 1988 One man show of drawings and graphic prints, `Interior Gallery' Islamabad
• 1988 One man show of drawings and graphic prints, `Nairang' Gallery, Lahore
• 1987 Exhibition of Serigraph Prints - `Drawings for Sculpture' at Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi
• 1984 Commissioner, Indian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Algiers
• 1983 Contemporary Indian Sculpture 1983_ an exhibition organised by Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay
• 1983 Invited sculptor for parlicipation in the National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi.
• 1983 Exhibition of Works of the `Karu' group of artists at Baradari, Garhi studios, New Delhi.
• 1982 Commendation certificate for `Installation" Mankind 2110 (an Alternative) and Mankind 2110 (The Second Alternative)- Fifth Triennale India.
• 1982 Designed a bas-relief reposee mural in copper 6m x 10m for the lounge ceiling at Surya Sofital Hotel, New Delhi.
• 1982 Contemporary Indian Art Exhibition, as part of Festival of India, London.
• 1981 International Exhibition of Small Sculptures, Budapest.
• 1981 National Award for sculpture `Mankind - 2101', Lalit Kala Akademi.
• 1979 `Smll Format Sculptures', Lalit Kala Akademi's Silver Jubilee Celebrations exhibition, New Delhi.
• 1978 `Pictorial Space', an exhibition organised by Lalit Kala Akademi.
• 1977-82 Worked as Chief of Design Division, Trade Fair Authority of India. Designed many Exhibitions in India & abroad.
• 1976 One man show at Kumar Art Gallery, New Delhi.
• 1975 Third Triennale, India.
• 1970 Member of the Exhibition Design Team for India Pavilion, EXPO `70' Osaka, Japan.
• 1961 Group show of the`Unknown', New Delhi.
• 1960 Group show of the `Unknown' A group of young painters & sculptors.
• 1958 Nine Painters' group show, New Delhi.
• 1957 National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi.