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Pradiptaa Chakraborty

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“Yes! I’m a conjurer”

Colours and semi realistic approach reflect the various images of life. Life is itself a kaleidoscope of fleeting images capturing the joys and disappointments of life. Life is a Juggler’s game whereby games are played out to veil the hidden instincts of human life. The conjurer on the road juggler his paraphernalia to entertain the spectators. Such a showmanship has become the grain of human existence. But now days it has turn to different parabola, all perspective are changing like some tsunami wave pass through of our modern civilization.

Present impact of canvas is great drama going on. It is a arrested split second of mythical demonstration in modern apparel in post modern globe. Tries to decipher the mythological structures and traditions of Indian art, Characters from Indian mythico-religious tradition, Traditional commentary and background pigment give the proper optimistic pulsation
which is very essential for painting’s vivacity. I want to establish extraordinary encounters, represented with the utmost precision which take place on the canvas and try to procure a wonderful hallucinatory quality in which the real and the imagined merge into one.