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Apurba Karati

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The most significant aspect of my painting is that I work without any aid of model or photograph. I was born and brought up in west Bengal in India where men wear dhoti and Punjabi and women with ordinary saree that influence of my inner self and reflect my work of art and creation. I am also enriched with the art of Indian miniature painting and folk art of Bengal. I have a connection with the modernity of my generation with Indian spirituality. In order to find my own style through the influence of traditional modernity and the blow of current events. I find a challenge the motivate my life's work that does not negate the present.

In my paintings the theme centres upon a couple, represents male and female who spared the major part in life for establishment themselves. much of life has been left behind. In retirement, it is impossible for them to do anything with the obese body so oppressed aspirants are encircled by dream. It has constituted a virtual world of their own that is entirely not artificial but is constituted within the core of mind. Naked legs and thick hands as it trying to bring dream into reality but in vain. The experience I had to visualise and feel very close to was from the harsh realities that is from my parents. What I do directly after prolonged thinking to be accurate in technique, composition, line and division of space. At the same time my painting also leads me to the realm of perfection in course of my endeavour.

"aspiration ends but dreams sustain us "